Bahamian-InspiredFood & Cocktails

All the freshest flavors of The Bahamas are here at Baha Mar, from traditional island delicacies to deliciously inventive twists on tropical classics.

Cloud 9 Drink
Jazz Bar Live Music

Cloud 9

served at Jazz Bar

Mixed with native soursop juice, gin, fresh nutmeg, coconut syrup and lime, this lighter take on Bahamian Sky Juice celebrates tropical fruit flavors with an underlying creamy texture reminiscent of coconut or banana.
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Snapper Ceviche

served at Cleo

Bahamian red snapper is cured in a citrus-based leche de tigre 
marinade for a global take on raw ceviche with lime, thai basil and sweet cherry tomatoes.

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Bahamian Afternoon Tea

served at The Library

From energizing back bush tea to sweet sapodilla, soak in the restorative benefits of a sumptuous afternoon tea service in this luxurious setting.

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Lobster Tail

served at 3 Tides Fish House

Bahamian lobster is a tasty dinner treat on any night of the week. Bahamian lobster has a firm texture with a sweet but distinctive flavor. Served with herb drawn butter and vegetables this dish is promised to please.

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Royal Blue Tavern Conch-&-Waffles

Conch & Waffles

served at Royal Blue Tavern

Chef Kevyn Pratt's signature dish celebrates Bahamian conch paired with decadent waffles for the ultimate brunch pairing.
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Bahamian Conch Chowder

served at Commonwealth

Fresh from the stunning blue waters of the Islands, feast on locally-caught conch prepared the Bahamian way.

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Conch Salad

served at Katsuya

This quintessential island favorite combines the traditional conch salad ingredients with a Katsuya twist. Served in a coconut, this explosion of citrus and hot pepper is a tropical delicacy.

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Bahama Mama

served at Out Island Bar

Dark aged rum is mixed with fresh pineapple juice and grenadine for a classic Bahamian sip that is best enjoyed by the water.

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