The Bahamas

Perfectly Curated

Created to be a beautiful, inviting destination, Baha Mar’s magnificence is perfectly curated by the paradise that surrounds it. The Bahamas is more than just breathtaking beaches, gorgeous waters and warm sun. It is a welcoming environment with genuinely joyful people and a vibrant culture.


From Christopher Columbus, who described the islands as “baja mar,” which inspired the name “Bahamas” to Blackbeard, Calico Jack and the Age of Piracy, the Bahamas enjoys a rich history that’s as colorful as its tropical paradises.

After 325 years of British rule, the nation, composed of 700-plus islands and cays, became a free and sovereign country on July 10, 1973.


Bahamians are inviting and friendly with a laid-back approach to life. Their official language is English, however French and Creole are also spoken on some islands. While  fishing and agriculture are important to the Bahamian way of life, a large majority of Bahamians are employed by the nation’s two largest industries—Tourism and Banking.


Bahamian culture is a reflection of its environment, with vivid displays of color and distinctly captivating qualities.

The cuisine of The Bahamas is often vibrant and filled with unique flavors. Spices play a prominent role in most dishes—accentuating ingredients and bringing the heat. Fresh seafood, such as conch and Bahamian lobster, and locally grown produce like coconuts, sour oranges and plantains serve as main ingredients, while American South influences such as grits, rice and cornbread frequently round out meals.