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Casino Credit

Casino credit can be used at Baha Mar Casino to play table games (excluding poker) and slot machines. Eligibility for Casino credit requires completion of Baha Mar’s Casino Credit Application and approval of the Application by Baha Mar’s Credit Department.

Credit Application

Guests approved for use of Casino credit may request chips at the Casino cage or tables, or slot vouchers at the Casino cage for use at the slot machines. The minimum credit line starts at $10,000.


Using Your Credit
at Baha Mar Casino

Obtain Casino credit for use at the slot machines by going to the cage, presenting identification, and asking for a marker. You can sign a marker for any amount up to your available credit limit and will receive a slot voucher to play with.

For table games, please ask the dealer to obtain a marker. The table games supervisor will issue you chips to play with.

Front Money Application

Front Money is your deposit of funds that you intend to use for gaming purposes. You draw down your Front Money in the same way you use Casino credit.


Outgoing Wire Requests

Winnings can be wired to any personal account.
Front money must be returned to the originating account.
Outgoing wires can take up to three (3) business days to be processed.


Win/Loss Statement

Baha Mar Casino is happy to provide an estimate of your win/loss during a calendar year based on our player tracking system.


Responsible Gaming

As a service and convenience to our guests, Baha Mar maintains a program that allows guests to execute Voluntary Self-Exclusion from gaming, gaming related activity and betting activity, financial services, or from gaming marketing services.