created and curated

As the home of the largest collection of Bahamian art in The Bahamas, Baha Mar allows you to experience the creative energy of Bahamian culture through a carefully curated selection of more than 2,500 paintings, sculptures and experimental installations of all shapes and sizes.

The Current

Much more than a vast collection of contemporary Bahamian art, The Current is an influential arts program and creative hub designed to support local artists with workshops, lectures, exhibitions and a retail space.

The Collection

Overseen by John Cox, a renowned mixed-media artist and former chief curator of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, Baha Mar is home to an exceptional collection of Bahamian art—with more than 2,500 art moments throughout the resort shining a spotlight on over 50 local artists.


Get an authentic artistic experience as you learn new skills and techniques from local and global artists. Each workshop covers subjects such as: figure drawing, pottery, ceramics, photography, mixed media and local arts and crafts.

John Cox

Once described by a Harvard critic as “an unsophisticated artist producing sophisticated art,” Cox is known for large format paintings, found object assemblages and non-traditional printmaking. Born in Nassau in 1973, Cox attended Rhode Island School of Design and is Baha Mar’s current Director of Art.

Dominic Cant

Born in The Bahamas and educated in England, Cant draws much of his inspiration from nature—specifically his experiences in and around the water. He spends much of his time working with charities and non-government organizations, providing images and artwork to raise awareness about the environment.

Jordanna Kelly

A native of The Bahamas, Kelly’s love for art comes from the 3 H’s—Head, Heart and Hand. Her well-crafted multi-media compositions and assemblages are both delicate and assertive—providing interesting ideas, while also striving to create emotional connections.