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Home of one of the largest collections of Bahamian art in The Bahamas, Baha Mar allows you to experience the creative energy of Bahamian culture through a carefully curated selection of thousands of paintings, sculptures and experimental installations of all shapes and sizes.

The Current

Art at Baha Mar strives to create an experience for visitors and locals alike to better understand our unique country, its rich history and present-day practices.
Much more than a vast collection of contemporary Bahamian art, The Current is an influential arts program and creative hub designed to support local artists through workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and a retail space. It provides a platform for artists to demonstrate their love for creating and the immense influences that surround us daily.

The Collection

The Baha Mar Collection is an exceptional selection of Bahamian art comprised of more than 2,500 pieces from variously talented local artists—all sharing a common unconditional love for The Bahamas. This impressive display is overseen by John Cox, a renowned mixed-media artist and former chief curator of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.


Learn new skills and techniques from Bahamian artists, craftsmen and artistic organizations as they impart their knowledge and appreciation for creative processes unique to our islands. Workshops cover a variety of creative techniques, including: painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, crafting, photography, mixed media, and more.

John Cox

Once described by a Harvard critic as “an unsophisticated artist producing sophisticated art,” Cox is known for large format paintings, found object assemblages, collage and non-traditional printmaking. His work often references distant places and ideas, but is executed with familiar and ordinary materials.

Born in Nassau in 1973, Cox attended Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, where he received a BFA in Illustration (’95) and an MAT in Art Education (’96). Afterwards, he went on to teach in the Art Department at the College of the Bahamas for six years followed by four years working in Education at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

Currently serving as Baha Mar’s Director of Art, Cox has exhibited and participated in exchanges in France, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, the United States and the Caribbean.

Jordanna Kelly

A native of The Bahamas, Kelly says her love for art comes from the 3 H’s—Head, Heart and Hand. Her well-crafted multi-media compositions and assemblages describe ephemeral floral and figurative patterns and imagery using unexpected—and often industrial—materials. The results are both delicate and assertive, providing interesting ideas while also striving to create emotional connections.

She was the first recipient of The Astarita Nassuvian Art Scholarship from the College of The Bahamas, where she graduated with the Top Distinction in Art.

In 2016, Kelly won the 33rd Annual Art Competition at The Central Bank of the Bahamas, being the only woman to win both the junior and senior categories.

Her work has been exhibited in the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, The Public Treasury, The Pro Gallery, The D’Aguilar Art Foundation, and The Central Bank of the Bahamas.

Natascha Vazquez

Vazquez has an MFA in Painting from The Savannah College of Art and Design and a BFA in Painting from Rollins College, Florida. Her work has been exhibited both internationally and domestically in the Bahamas, France, Georgia and Florida.

In 2016, Vazquez returned to Nassau, Bahamas, with hopes of bringing the skills and knowledge acquired abroad to the country she loves. She felt a strong desire to aid in the building of an appreciation for art and art history in the Bahamas, aiming to spread the love and passion she has for fine art. Vazquez completed an internship at The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, where she facilitated in developing scholarship writing on works in both their permanent collection and on temporary display.

Vazquez is currently the Programming Manager at The Current Studio & Gallery at Baha Mar. She also writes for The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.