Bahama Bagel Co.

at Café Madeleine Baha Mar

Bahama Bagel Company’s bagel recipe starts with the highest quality ingredients and fresh daily hand-rolled dough, but the real secret to the ideal flavor and texture is kettle-boiling in New York water. Whether on their own, with a smear of one of our delectable cream cheeses, or as a sandwich, you’ll enjoy the deep traditions of a NYC bagel combined with the genuine warmth of the Bahamas.

About Bahama Bagel Co.

Our Secret

New York Water

What makes Bahama Bagels so good? The answer is New York water! Using innovative technology, we are able to replicate water from the city that is considered the pinnacle of bagel making. How does it work? Minerals like Magnesium & Calcium help form strong gluten structures, giving the dough its density and making our bagels crisp on the outside, while light on the inside.