Baha Mar Foundation

Built on the three pillars of Community, Culture and Conservation, the Baha Mar Resort Foundation reflects the property’s deep commitment to building a strong future for The Bahamas. Through volunteerism and monetary donations, it is our goal to champion sustainable conservation efforts, celebrate the diverse cultural traditions and artistic expressions of The Bahamas and strengthen the community through improvements in education. For more information, please contact

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Our Sustainable 

Responsible Business

Conduct business in a manner that is transparent, environmentally responsive and ethical.

Sustainable Growth

Grow our operations in a sustainable manner that considers the unique Bahamian environment so that our local communities can benefit for years to come.
 Learn more about our sustainability commitment here.


Embed integrity into our decisions so they benefit our people, our community and the environment.

Resource Efficiency

Reduce the negative impact of our operations.


Invest in the growth of the community to provide positive benefits from our engagement.

Focus on our Associates

Provide our Associates with opportunities to succeed, grow and give back to their communities.


Maintain the cultural beliefs and practices of The Bahamas and ensure it persists into the future.

Rain Forest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance Certified

After consistently demonstrating our commitment to sustainable management, Baha Mar has been awarded with Certification for Sustainable Tourism by Nature Economy and People Connected (NEPCon)*, as well as the authority to display the coveted Rain Forest Alliance mark. The Rainforest Alliance Verified™ mark encourages the responsible use of natural resources and promotes a healthy market system that values sustainable production, sourcing, and equitable trade.

Businesses that display the Rainforest Alliance Verified (RAV) mark are taking measurable steps to reduce their impacts on the planet and local communities. Recipients are certified by the Rainforest Alliance to our rigorous tourism standards, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

*The NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification, an international non-profit organization, recognizes the efforts of companies within the hospitality industry committed to responsible practices in the tourism sector. The certification services are designed around principles of sustainable development; address key environmental, social, cultural, and economic issues; and are based on improved and innovative standards, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and third-party audit systems.

Conservation education program

The Conservation Education Center was designed to educate our guests by making them aware of the challenges facing our environment.

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