Match Your Offer
Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: June 19, 2023 Effective Since: April 19, 2022

Eligible Hotels And Qualifying Tiers

Hard Rock: Florida, United States

Hard Rock: Atlantic City, United States  

Wynn: Las Vegas and Massachusetts, United States
• Black
• Platinum

Venetian: Las Vegas, United States
• Paiza Gold

Cosmo: Las Vegas, United States
• Platinum

MGM Resorts, United States
• Noir
• Platinum

Caesars, United States
• Seven Stars

Ocean Casino Resort: Atlantic City, United States
• Reserve

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas
• Cove Offers Only (Tier Benefits are not accepted)


Categories of Offer (as such term is defined hereinbelow) that Baha Mar will consider matching as part of the Promotion include room and gaming offers that offer participants:

  1. complimentary room nights up to a maximum of five (5) nights excluding all applicable taxes, resort fees and service charges for Promotion Reservations;
  2. food and beverage credit subject to a cap of fifty US Dollars ($50) per participant, per day of the Matching Offer (as such term is defined hereinbelow), up to a maximum of two hundred and fifty US Dollars ($250) in total for the Matching Offer;
  3. free slot play subject to a cap of three hundred US Dollars ($300) per participant, per day of the Matching Offer, subject to a cap of one thousand five hundred US Dollars ($1,500) per participant in total for the Matching Offer.
  4. match play, subject to a cap of three hundred US Dollars ($300) per participant, per day of the Matching Offer, up to a total maximum of one thousand five hundred US Dollars ($1,500) in total for the Matching Offer; and
  5. resort credit subject to a cap of twenty-five US Dollars ($25) per participant, per day of the Matching Offer, up to a total maximum of one hundred and twenty-five US Dollars ($125) in total for the Matching Offer.

A Matching Offer may include one or more of the elements set out in paragraphs (i) to (v) above.


  • The Promotion may only be redeemed once.
  • Offers for online play (whether for real money wagering or social casino play), even from Eligible Casinos (as such term is defined hereinbelow), do not qualify for this Promotion. No free bet offers i.e., where participant’s own money is not wagered as part of the bet, will be redeemable for this Promotion.
  • Baha Mar reserves the right to:
      1. decline to match any Offer or only partially match an Offer; and
      2. to request any additional information regarding the Offer as Baha Mar may, in its sole discretion require, in order to consider accepting and issuing a Matching Offer for this Promotion.
  • Offers must be made to participants by an Eligible Casinos via a mass marketing campaign. Any Offer which is either addressed to or made directly by an Eligible Casino marketing representative to an individual participant will not qualify for this Promotion, even if that participant is a member of a tier which qualifies for the Promotion as described in the section above entitled “Eligible Hotels and Qualifying Tiers” (a “Qualifying Tier”).This Promotion is not a tier match (i.e. a reward based on your total play throughout the year that places you into a specific tier at a casino).  Baha Mar will only match an Offer (as defined in these Rules) as part of this Promotion.
  • Participants must obtain at least six (6) hours of rated play on a table game or slot machine (“Rated Play Requirement”) during their Promotion Reservation (as such term is defined hereinbelow).

If a participant does not meet the Rated Play Requirement, participant will incur the Charge (as described below). Rated Play from the Baha Mar Sportsbook by William Hill cannot be counted toward the Rated Play Requirement.

If a customer does not meet the Rated Play requirement, he/she will incur a charge equal to the Casino rate for the Hotel for each night of the promotion reservation, plus all taxes, resort fees and service charges (the “Charge”) for non-compliance with the terms of the Promotion.


To be eligible to participate in this Promotion, the participant:

  1. must be a New Baha Mar Casino Guest;
  2. must be a registered hotel guest of Baha Mar staying at the resort who has made a Promotion Reservation and not a walk-in guest;
  3. must be eighteen (18) years of age or older;
  4. must not be prohibited from gaming or entering the Baha Mar Casino and/ or the Baha Mar Resort by law or for any other reason:
  5. must not be (a) an employee of Baha Mar, CTF BM Operations Ltd., Perfect Luck Assets Limited, or their respective parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, or successor companies (individually and collectively, “Entities”);or (b) members of any such employee’s households or an immediate family member. “Household members” shall mean people who share the same residence as an employee of the Entities. “Immediate family members” shall mean parents, stepparents, children, stepchildren, siblings, stepsiblings, or spouses of any of the foregoing;
  6. must not be persons who are currently entered into certain self-limit, self-exclusion, and / or dissociated persons program in any jurisdiction (or are otherwise prohibited from participating by appliable law);
  7. must be an active Qualifying Tier card holder at an Eligible Casino;
  8. can only use one Qualifying Tier from one Eligible Casino during the Promotion Period: and
  9. must agree to release and hold harmless the Releasees (as described herein) from any and all liability for any loss or damage of any kind to person, arising whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation in this Promotion.

Promotion Rules

The Match Your Offer Promotion (the “Promotion”) is available to all new Baha Mar casino guests. A new Baha Mar casino guest is a person who is not currently in the Baha Mar Casino database as they have never been a member of Club Blu (a “New Baha Mar Casino Guest”). This Promotion is subject to these promotion rules (the “Rules”) and by participating in this Promotion participants agree to be bound by the Rules which constitute a binding agreement between participant, on one hand, and Sky Warrior Bahamas, Ltd, on the other hand.

Section A: General Rules and Conditions

Baha Mar’s “Matching Offer” (as such term is defined hereinbelow) is not transferable. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to redeem this Promotion and be eligible to gamble in The Bahamas. Advance reservations are required and are subject to availability. Participants must meet the Rated Play Requirement during their Promotion Reservation. Blackout dates may apply. Baha Mar shall only redeem/match one competing offer per household. Matching a complimentary rate includes the rate for the room nights only for up to five (5) nights at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar (the “Hotel”). All guests must provide a valid credit card at the time of booking and cancellations must be made seven (7) days in advance to avoid incurring a no-show fee. In case of cancellations within less than seven (7) days or a no-show, in addition to the applicable room rate per night, participant is also responsible for resort fees, taxes, service charges, gratuities, and incidentals. All fees, taxes and service charges are subject to change at any time. This Promotion has no cash value. Free Slot Play and Match Play are non-cashable. Resort credit can only be used during the Promotion Reservation. Resort credit may not be used for consecutive reservations and no credit or refunds will be issued for an unused amount. Resort credit cannot be used towards casino play, taxes, or gratuities. Resort credit may not be exchanged, sold, or transferred. Resort credit may not be applied to any purchases at Cartier, Hublot, Breitling, Bvlgari, Chopard, John Bull, Rolex, Tiffany & Co., Aqua, Carlo Milano, Carlo, La Parfumerie, MAC, Hackett London, Pharmaciopy, Renew Style Bar, Tropic of Luxury, Vilebrequin, My Ocean, Lilly Pulitzer, Maison 8, Renew Style Bar, Satchel & Co., Tory Burch, Island Essentials, Striped Cabana, Uniquely Bahamian, Forget Me Nots, Sandy Shores, or any other retail outlet operated by a third party. A daily credit will automatically be applied to participant’s room. The total cumulative resort credit awarded shall not exceed the maximum for a Matching Offer as set out in these Rules. Any charges in excess of the resort credit are the responsibility of participant. Upon checkout, any unused credit will be forfeited. Eligibility for redemption of the components of a qualifying Offer (as the term “Offer” is defined hereinbelow) and any complimentaries Baha Mar provides is contingent upon a minimum level of play (as determined by Baha Mar) occurring during the Promotion Reservation. Baha Mar reserves the right to suspend, modify, or cancel this Promotion at any time at its sole discretion. This Promotion is void where prohibited by law and is subject to all applicable laws and regulations of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This Promotion is not available to employees, their Household Members, or Immediate Family Members Baha Mar or its affiliates. Visit our website at for protocols and travel documentation requirements. Responsible Gaming – It’s Your Best Bet. Call or text +1.800.522.4700.

Section B: Rules and Conditions Specific to this Promotion

1. Baha Mar.

 Sky Warrior Bahamas, Ltd (“Baha Mar”). Baha Mar is solely responsible for the conduct and fulfillment of all aspects of this Promotion.

2. Promotion Period.

This Promotion will be available during the period commencing at 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on November, 22 2021 and ending at 8:59 PM EDT on December 18 2023, excluding April 5-13 2023, November 19-26, 2023 and most holidays (the “Promotion Period”). All stays must start and be concluded within the Promotion Period.

3. How to Participate.

To participate in the Promotion, a request must be submitted via the form on the “Match Now” tab of the Baha Mar Offer Match page on the Baha Mar website (a “Promotion Request”). There must be a minimum of fourteen (14) days between a Promotion Request and the first day of a Promotion Reservation. Participants in the Promotion must have received, and be able to provide to the Baha Mar Casino Guest Services coordinator at the time of a Promotion Reservation, evidence by email of a room and gaming offer that meets the criteria in the section above entitled “Offers” (which forms part of these Rules), issued by one of the US or Caribbean based Casino’s listed in the section above entitled  “Eligible Hotels and Qualifying Tiers” (which forms part of these Rules) (an “Eligible Casino”)  which has not expired prior to (a) the commencement of the Promotion Period; or (b)  the date on which participant makes a request to Baha Mar for redemption of the Promotion during the Promotion Period (an “Offer”).

The term “Matching Offer” shall mean and refer to Baha Mar’s offer provided to a participant after receipt and review of the Offer the participant presents to Baha Mar for redemption.

The Offer must be emailed by participant directly to the Baha Mar Agent reviewing the Match Your Offer request along with: (i) participant’s first and last name; (ii) the dates participant is requesting to stay at Baha Mar during the Promotion Period; and (iii) participant’s casino player’s card number and a picture of participant’s active player’s card from an Eligible Casino (with his/ her name printed on the card) (“Player’s Card”)  showing that participant is a member of a Qualifying Tier.

Baha Mar will also accept photos of the Offer from computer screens. If, in Baha Mar’s sole discretion, it cannot read an Offer, Baha Mar reserves the right to request more information on the Offer from participant that Baha Mar deems sufficient prior to acceptance and issuance of a Matching Offer.

Participants will receive a response from Baha Mar within five (5) business days of its receipt of the Offer to the Match Your Offer e-mail address with details of whether and what portions of the Offer Baha Mar will match in providing a Matching Offer.

Upon arrival at Baha Mar, participants must:

  1. present a valid credit card upon check-in at the Hotel on which an amount of sufficient pre-authorization shall be required to cover an amount equal to the Charge (as described in the section entitled “Offer Disclaimers” above (which forms part of these Rules)) , plus $150 per night of the Promotion Reservation (such amount subject to change at the sole discretion of the Hotel) to cover anticipated use of the Hotel’s ancillary services and incidentals (the “Pre-Authorization Amount”). Provided participant’s account is settled in full upon departure and the Charge does apply, the Pre-Authorization Amount will be released after participant’s checkout; any amounts owed by participant on checkout including the Charge (if applicable) will be charged to the credit card provided by participant upon check-in; and
  2. produce and present to the Baha Mar Casino Guest Services coordinator at the Club Blu desk, his/ her actual Player’s Card (a photograph will not be accepted) together with his/ her valid government issued photo identification (the “ ID Requirements”). The participants name on the Player’s Card presented to the Club Blu desk must match the name of the registered Baha Mar hotel guest and the recipient of this Promotion. Any participant who is unable to comply with the ID Requirements will incur the Charge for non-compliance with the terms of the Promotion.

4. Additional Participation Requirements

Participants will be required to register as a Club Blu member in order to redeem the Matching Offer and must provide the Baha Mar Casino Guest Services coordinator the following information to open a Club Blu account at the time of booking the Promotion Reservation:

  1. name
  2. date of birth
  3. address
  4. phone number
  5. e-mail address

All free slot play included in the Matching Offer will be automatically added to the participant’s Club Blu account upon registration as a Club Blu member.

5. Limitations

Promotion is valid one time only during the Promotion Period and cannot be combined with any other promotion or incentive that is offered by the Baha Mar Resort at the time of redemption by participant of this Promotion.

Promotion may vary depending on individual factors relating to the participant and cannot be used as a precedent for future offers to the same participant or to other participants.

Any room nights stayed by an eligible participant that are more than that included in the Matching Offer will be charged at the Baha Mar Casino rate at the expense of the participant.

All Reservations must be started and completed at the Baha Mar Resort within the Promotion Period. Reservations are based upon availability. Blackout dates may apply.

6. Privacy Policy

Information provided by you in connection with this Promotion is subject to Baha Mar’s privacy policy located at

7. Conditions

As a participant in this Promotion you understand, acknowledge and agree that: (i) your participation in the Promotion is conditioned upon your compliance with the Rules; (ii) you release and hold harmless Baha Mar, CTF BM Operations Ltd., Sky Warrior Bahamas, Ltd., Perfect Luck Assets Limited, the Licensor entities of each of the hotel brands located at Baha Mar as well as each of their, their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, and promotion agencies, and all of their agents, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, insurers and agents (individually and collectively, “Releasees“) from any and all liability, losses, obligations, claims, actions, settlements, awards, compensation, fees, expenses or damages of any kind, resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation in this Promotion; (iii) in the event viruses, bugs, unauthorized human intervention, Acts of God, acts or regulations of any governmental or supra-national authority, war, national emergency, accident, fire, riot, strikes, lock-outs, industrial disputes, acts of terrorism or other matters beyond the Baha Mar’s reasonable control, corrupt, prevent or impair the ability of Baha Mar to fulfill any component of the Promotion, Baha Mar has the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the Rules or to cancel, modify, terminate or suspend the Promotion; (iv) the Releasees are not responsible for typographical or other errors in the Promotion or the Rules; (v) any portion of the Promotion not accepted or used by participant during participant’s Promotion Reservation will be forfeited; (vi) Baha Mar has the right, in its sole discretion to, at any time, revoke the Matching Offer made to any individual it believes is engaged in violating the Rules or the Privacy Policy. Additionally, Baha Mar may, at any time, revoke the Matching Offer made to any individual for any other reason as determined solely by the Baha Mar which includes, but is not limited to a belief by Baha Mar that a participant is or has engaged or may be about to be engaged in unfair, fraudulent, deceptive, and/ or misleading actions, omissions, behavior and/ or conduct related to the Promotion. All disputes, claims and causes of action at law or in equity arising out of or relating to this Promotion, the meaning or interpretation of the Rules shall be resolved by applying the laws of The Bahamas, without regard to conflict of law’s provisions therein, and shall be solely and exclusively brought in the Supreme Court of The Bahamas. Baha Mar has the right to modify the eligibility requirements for this Promotion as described in the “Eligibility” section above (which forms part of these Rules) or otherwise at any time during the Promotion, it being understood that any confirmed Promotion Reservation will be honored by Baha Mar.