Guest Code of Conduct

Value the local traditions and customs of the Bahamas.
Respect our local laws and be an informed traveler.
Respect for our employees and other guests.
Support the local economy of the Bahamas.
Respect for the environment and wildlife.


Welcome to Baha Mar!  We are excited to share our luxury hotels, world class casino and pristine beaches with you.  In order to get the most out of your stay and to attempt to ensure other guests do too, we ask that you abide by this code of conduct which is designed to make your stay spectacular.


  • The Bahamas is rich in culture and history. We ask that you respect and protect its uniqueness such as its environment, architecture, religion, music, art and food.
  • Be mindful when visiting local establishments, landmarks and places of worship and be respectful of local customs. Always ask for consent before taking pictures of locals.
  • English is the official language of The Bahamas; however, we also speak a dialect that you may hear during your stay. Be polite when resolving any miscommunications.
  • Bahamians are friendly and welcoming! They may greet you, engage in conversation and ask you about your trip. Feel free to greet them back and chat it up, but never share information of a sensitive nature.


  • Abiding by local laws shows respect for the community. Always follow local laws and regulations and the instructions of law enforcement and emergency personnel. Engaging in illegal activity including the use of drugs, possession of weapons of any kind and solicitation is prohibited.
  • Baha Mar is committed to protecting human rights and to eradicating the trafficking and sexual exploitation of adults and children in hotels. If you see something suspicious, report it to security.  You can find out more on how you can help in the fight by visiting the Baha Mar website at
  • Being an informed traveler means paying attention to your own safety. Be mindful of who you invite to your room or make aware of where you are staying.  You will be held responsible for any damage caused by you or your guests. Be sure to check each time you depart to ensure the door to your room is closed and locked every time you leave and use the in-room safe to store your valuables.
  • If you have an emergency while out and about, dial 919 for assistance.
  • If you have an emergency while on property contact Security Dispatch at 788-7049 or 424-8449 for assistance.


  • We want Baha Mar to be safe for our guests and employees. Harassment, threats or abuse (verbally or physically) of our employees or other guests will not be tolerated.
  • Loudness, intoxication, dangerous horseplay or reckless behavior can cause damage to property and injury to yourself and to others. When having fun, be careful of those around you. You will be responsible for any damage caused to resort property.
  • Be courteous to others by only smoking in areas where smoking is allowed.


  • Support local vendors and craftsman by purchasing genuine goods. Do not buy products that are obviously counterfeit or prohibited by national and international regulations.
  • Protect the economy by staying informed about the products that are legally restricted from leaving or entering The Bahamas.
  • Service is the lifeblood of The Bahamas. Make sure you understand the cost of services before engaging service providers. Pay for any services provided and attempt to resolve any disputes amicably.  Vendors on public beaches are not employees of Baha Mar.


  • Our biggest footprints should be the ones we leave in the sand! Do not litter and dispose of any garbage in appropriate trash receptacles. Recycle where recycling is available.
  • Protect our marine life. Do not discharge harmful chemicals into the water or into marine habitats.
  • Do not participate in environmental crimes. If visiting a protected area, remember that rules and regulations were created to preserve places and species of great ecological value, which, in many cases, are in danger of extinction.
  • Protect our plants and animals. Do not feed wildlife or remove natural resources, such as coral, shells, plants, flowers or animals from their original environment.

If you want more information on local customs, attractions, or our community partnerships, or if you have any questions on this code, please contact the Baha Mar Conservation at