Sustainability Policy

Baha Mar

Section 1: Policy Objective

Baha Mar is committed to establishing itself as a world-class, luxury destination through its sustainable practices, benefiting the Bahamian community, its culture and environment.

This Policy has been developed to attempt to ensure that the daily operations of the Baha Mar Resort (the “Resort”) are carried out in a sustainable manner, using the NEPCon’s/Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Tourism Standard for Accommodations as a guide.

The goals and objectives outlined in this Policy represent the three pillars of Baha Mar’s sustainability system:
o Responsible Business o Socio-cultural Sustainability
o Environmental Sustainability

The purpose of this Policy is to demonstrate Baha Mar’s commitment to implementing sustainable practices and to monitoring its sustainability goals.

This Policy is not intended to be exhaustive of all of Baha Mar’s sustainability efforts but, rather, is intended to outline the seminal aspects of the Policy.

Section 2: Responsible Business

2.1. Baha Mar will:
a. Embed sustainable development principles into core business practices, to attempt to ensure the quality of its operations are consistent, efficient, and progressive.
b. Consider the safety of its guests, associates, and visitors and will incorporate health and safety measures into its operations.

c. Continue to support the implementation of sustainable practices including sustainable purchasing, management, and education practices.

2.2. Economic Growth
Baha Mar is committed to encouraging economic growth by supporting the community in which it operates, and by contributing to the local economy through employment and local investment.

2.3. Quality Assurance
Quality improvement is an integral and progressive component of Baha Mar’s success. Baha Mar will:

a. Use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the quality of Baha Mar’s services meets the needs of guests and Baha Mar’s sustainability goals as outlined in its sustainability management plan.

b. Implement systems to monitor and measure operational processes to ensure high quality service.

c. Ensure continuous review of services to improve performance.

2.4. Associate Focus
Baha Mar is committed to continuously improving the lives of its Associates by informing Associates of their employee rights and by encouraging a discrimination- free working environment. Baha Mar will conduct its operations with integrity and in a way which provides opportunities for the development and success of its Associates and fosters an inclusive work environment.

2.5. Sustainability In Communication and Marketing
Baha Mar is committed to communicating the sustainable features and benefits of Baha Mar’s services. Baha Mar will:

a. Provide accurate and relevant information on the Resort‘s sustainability efforts.

b. Seek to integrate the Resort’s sustainability efforts, targets, and accomplishments into the communication and marketing strategies of the Resort.

2.6. Sustainability In Supplier Management
Baha Mar is committed to carefully selectin its suppliers, taking into account sustainability, quality and safety standards among selected suppliers. Baha Mar will:

a. Implement supplier monitoring programs as part of its effort toward responsible sourcing of goods and services.

b. Create a preferred local vendor list with preference given to local suppliers of goods and services with policies that are aligned with the Resort’s policies.

2.7. Sustainability in Education
Baha Mar is committed to educating its Associates about using sustainable practices to build stronger communities. Baha Mar will:

a. Educate Associates, locals, and guests on sustainability and the sustainable attributes of the Resort.

b. Raise awareness about global and local concerns as it relates to sustainability.

c. Invest in initiatives and campaigns that contribute to sustainability education.

Section 3: Socio-Cultural Sustainability

Baha Mar is committed to engaging with the local community and contributing to its development through investment. Baha Mar promotes the respect and protection of Bahamian cultural heritage and will continue to incorporate Bahamian culture into its offerings and operations. Baha Mar is dedicated to creating programs that introduce the community to the Resort’s environment and which will include activities centered on Baha Mar‘s three pillars of sustainability. Baha Mars operations shall comply with applicable employment laws of The Bahamas.

Section 4: Environmental Sustainability

Baha Mar will continue to implement practices and measures to minimize the impact of its business activities on the Bahamian environment and will continue to promote environmental importance and awareness to guests, Associates and the local community through campaigns, programs, business practices and initiatives. Baha Mar will work toward:

a. Monitoring its energy consumption and implementing ways to reduce
consumption rates;

b. Monitoring its water usage and implementing ways to reduce its consumption rates;

c. Continuously evaluating and seeking to reduce its impact on the environment through various programs and initiatives;

d. Continuing to implement waste management techniques designed to reduce negative impact on the environment;

e. Evaluating its waste management plans and seeking improvements.

Section 5: Responsibilities

5.1. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to establish and maintain sustainability procedures and to bring these policies into effect.

5.2. It shall be the responsibility of participating Shared Services Heads of Department, Vice Presidents, Brand General Managers and selected Brand Heads of Department to implement this Policy and to communicate it to Associates.

5.3. It shall be the responsibility of the Sustainability Committee to monitor the implementation of this Policy and to ensure that its goals and objective are met.

Section 6: Definitions

6.1. “Associates” means all Baha Mar personnel including Baha Mar Management, Baha Mar line staff, Baha Mar consultants and Baha Mar Brand employees.

6.2. “Baha Mar Management” means all managerial and supervisory staff including all executive staff, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, general managers, directors, supervisors, managers and heads of department.

6.3. “Brand(s)” means SLS Baha Mar, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and Rosewood Baha Mar.

6.4. “Shared Services” means the shared services departments of Baha Mar and includes, but is not limited to, the following departments: Engineering, Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Public Areas Department (PAD), Wildlife, Security, Surveillance and Transportation.