The Conservation Education Center was designed to educate our guests by making them aware of the challenges facing our environment. Baha Mar’s Conservation Education Center will provide a unique, interactive experience — first in The Bahamas. Through this experience, we will encourage visitors to value our natural resources and provide them with possible solutions to address common environmental challenges.

The Sanctuary

Where Wonders Await

Committed to both the conservation and celebration of nature, The Sanctuary offers daily feedings for curious nature lovers of every age. This feeding area grants guests an unprecedented opportunity to behold the spectacle of wildlife in The Bahamas, while learning about Baha Mar’s ongoing efforts to protect, preserve, and co-exist in this incredible environment.

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Eco-Ambassador Program

The Eco-Ambassador Membership is gained through a contribution to support priority Bahamian species, either through a $150 contribution to the Flamingo Protection Initiative or a $100 contribution to the Coral Conservation Initiative. As an Eco-Ambassador, guests receive discounts on conservation focused merchandise at the Conservation Education Center, exclusive access to coral growth timelines and resident flamingo updates, as well as quarterly briefings on local conservation efforts.

Follow The Flock

Symbolically adopt one of our resident flamingos! Your contribution of $150 directly supports our efforts to protect our national bird through ongoing research. As an Eco Ambassador, receive exclusive offers such as a private meet-and-greet, flamingo memorabilia and flamingo updates.

Plant A Coral

Plant corals onto our very own coral nursery! Your contribution of $100 supports cutting edge coral research and helps the development of our very own Eco Reef. As an Eco Ambassador, snorkel our coral nursery and receive coral memorabilia and exclusive updates.

Baha Mar Foundation

Built on the three pillars of Community, Culture and Conservation, the Baha Mar Resort Foundation reflects the property’s deep commitment to building a strong future for The Bahamas.

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